thefrolicone (thefrolicone) wrote in imsochangeable,

 Hi everybody.
I've really couldn't get to sleep for some time brcause of bearing the one terrible thought in my mind.
Actually, I wanted to know your opinion about Moriarty character.
You know, that the final 3-d episode confrontation sceene was borrowed from the ACD's 'The Final Problem' (and you obviously know that Moriarty was defeated by Sherlock and fell into the water from the rock).
So, does it mean that Andrew won't appear in the second 'series'? Do you know anything about... erm... may be his contract, or plans to film or not to film. (kinda Gamlet :) )
I'm asking because theese things are really bother me, and I don't know how I'm going to wait for the 2-nd 'series' if there's no sublime Andrew Scott and his Moriarty in it.
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