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Tiebreaker Poll @ Wholockians. PLEASE VOTE!!

There's a tiebreaker poll up at wholockians to figure out the winner for prompt 1 and the second place winner for overall. The poll closes on the TONIGHT at 5pm PST.

-The poll is here.

Please vote! There needs to be more votes in order to break the ties!

Mods I couldn't find anything in the rules/FAQ to indicate that this post would be inappropriate but if it is you may take it down.

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PBS has been posting a few goodies as series 2 approaches the finale here in the States this coming Sunday:

A few pages of beautiful analysis on Moriarty from Mark, Steven and Andrew is avaliable here. "Like a lost soul who no longer knows what he is." - ouch. feelings.

And a kind of teaser video talking about Moriarty and Andrew with a few more comments from Moffat and Benedict here: